• Investment protection by quality

Investment protection by quality

Exchange & replacement

If sustainability and the protection of resources are to be taken seriously, one also has to think about the durability of products, repair services and downward compatibility of new developments: Each of these aspects is relevant in terms of both economic and ecological considerations.
Investments in refrigeration plants and building technology are usually cost-intensive. Therefore, plants should run reliably and trouble-free as long as possible.
Crucial prerequisites for this are, on the one hand, components of high quality - as provided by Wurm. On the other hand, fast and uncomplicated remedy should be guaranteed in the event of instrument defects.

This is often a critical point in highly technical areas in particular. Due to ever faster changing product cycles, a lot of older devices will not be produced any more. As a consequence, replacements often cannot be delivered.

In other cases, some devices cannot be repaired because suppliers prefer to push new purchases. These and other examples can cause substantial disadvantages for the customer - or even serious economic consequences.

We make every effort to ensure operational safety and investment protection for our customers. Therefore, we focus on superior quality to guarantee a long lifetime of our devices.


We always have a larger quantity of older devices in stock to provide you with replacements as fast as possible if required.

In our own production, we can thoroughly check defective devices. In most cases we are able to make them run again smoothly. Of course, we will provide you with a replacement device in the meantime.

As far as new developments are concerned, we always ensure that they are downward compatible. Most of the time, our new devices and methods are easy to implement in existing plants and also offer new ways to enhance the plant's efficiency here. Moreover, they can contribute significantly to the longer lifetime of a plant.