• Securing the future by sustainablility

Securing the future by sustainablility

Everything in the green range

Protection of climate and environment by sustainable and energy-efficient production processes are key factors of our corporate activities.

Refrigeration technology in particular requires a great deal of energy and thus causes harmful emissions of greenhouse gases.
In light of this we work continuously to provide you with solutions that enable you to reduce energy consumption and refrigerant losses significantly.
With optimised control and monitoring technology by Wurm you can make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment.

In our understanding, sustainability not only refers to our products and solutions: it is also a guiding principle for us – for instance with regard to our choice of partners and suppliers and applied materials. Moreover, we constantly control our own waste management. Environmentally safe disposal of harmful substances is also obligatory for our suppliers.

In our own company, we make every effort to optimise our environmental measures. We can move your plants into the green range with the same consistent commitment.



Environmental protection comprises various important aspects – production processes as well as used materials and the safe disposal of harmful substances and waste. In a globalised world with interconnections and material flows that are hard to understand sometimes, we as a company try to act with responsibility and sustainability.

As a consequence, we produce a great part of our printed circuit boards ourselves instead of ordering them cheaply from Asia. Thus, we can ensure that our applied materials are as environmentally friendly as possible.
At the same time, we ensure the environmentally safe disposal of waste and hazardous waste according to strict environmental guidelines. We also expect the same, verifiable action from our suppliers.

You can learn more about our motives for using European circuit boards in our brochure "By conviction" in our download area.