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Best quality

Best quality for your switchboard

Wurm Schaltanlagenbau provides you with complete solutions of high quality from one source – demand-orientated and individually created for industry, building technology, food retailing or mechanical engineering. From individual control cabinets and serial plants to small control systems - we produce reliable and long-lasting products for smooth operation.

Our CAD planning, where your control cabinet will be planned and designed, is only a few steps away from the manufacturing in our production hall. The close proximity enables quick and intensive communication and facilitates the coordination of processes in case of changes. Strict quality controls before delivering are executed in our in-house test facility.

The quality of the components in use is decisive for the quality of your switchboard. Careful selection of excellent products, while considering economic aspects, is a key principle of our work. A major part of the software and hardware modules comes from our company. If you want to know more about the components used, please visit the home page of Wurm Elektronische Systeme.

Thanks to our careful planning, the automisation of elaborated process steps and the well-established cooperation with the other Wurm companies, we ensure a fast and reliable realization of your order. You will get tested products of high quality on schedule which gives you a high planning security.

For further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
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or email us at:  info@wurm-schaltanlagen.de