ECOLINK control cabinets with knowhow from GTM

Best quality by the competence of the Wurm Group

The control cabinet is the core of building engineering systems.
Produced and tested in best quality and on schedule by Wurm SAB, based on conceptual and electrical planning by GTM and equipped with high quality technology from Wurm Systeme, an ECOLINK control cabinet provides you with any feature you need for the cost and energy-efficient control of your plant. 
ECOLINK enables a comprehensive control system of ventilation, heating, climate, lighting and cold and heat recovery from ventilation and commercial refrigeration as well as the integration of external parts of the plant such as heat pumps, photovoltaics or geothermal heat.
With an ECOLINK control cabinet you get the best possible control strategy for your specific requirements. By a demand-oriented control you can save operational costs and, at the same time, protect the environment by a reduced use of resources. 

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Modern ventilation control with ECOLINK ensures comfortable room conditions for customers at low energy consumption. ECOLINK considers room temperature, air quality, absolute air humidity, outside conditions and weather forecasts. The components involved will be operated in an optimal way – and switched off if possible. As a consequence, different operation modes complemented by additional functions enable high saving potentials. 

  1. Central ventilators (store and experience area)
  2. Air curtains
  3. Waste air systems
  4. Excess pressure unit at the fresh food counter
  5. ECOLINK control cabinet


Retail properties have different temperature zones and requirements. ECOLINK calculates the total heat requirement of the market from the total of all energy consumers. Targeted control of the heat supply is then provided, in which of commercial refrigeration often plays a crucial role. Additional sources of heat can be integrated for a comprehensive heat management if needed.
Targeted heat transfer is provided by tailor-made regulation of the hydraulics.

  1. Heat recovery from compound refrigeration system
  2. Central ventilators (hydraulic & VRF)
  3. Ceiling ventilators (hydraulic & VRF)
  4. Floor heating
  5. Air curtains
  6. ECOLINK control cabinet

Heat recovery

Waste heat utilisation from a commercial refrigeration plant and airside energy recovery of conditioned room air contribute a great deal towards meeting the demands of heat and air conditioning in an efficiently run market.
The bus communication with FRIGOLINK and ECOLINK ensures the best operating mode of both trades.
A well-balanced control of all energy flows enables the combination of refrigeration, climate control, heating and hydraulics in one efficient system solution.

  1. Heat recovery compound refrigeration system
  2. Air-side recovery
  3. ECOLINK control cabinet


Climate control of commercial properties has to meet various demands. Pleasant room temperatures and controlled air humidity ensure the well-being of the customers, preserve fruit and vegetables, avoid condensation water on refrigerated shelves and reduce the energy demand of commercial refrigeration. For different types of air conditioning we have a wide range of control and coupling functions – from a simple release of split system devices to water-based solutions with the use of existing hydraulics. 

  1. Central ventilators (hydraulic & VRF)
  2. Ceiling ventilators (hydraulic & VRF)
  3. ECOLINK control cabinet


Since 2011, our control strategy METEOLINK has enabled us to integrate weather data into applications for refrigeration and building technology. These forecast data are incorporated into the modelling of the automation processes as control signs.
According to the forecast daytime temperatures, the system control will be adapted prospectively by inducing necessary control mechanisms for the desired climate in the market in the preceding night.  Thus, expensive power peaks can be avoided.

  1. ECOLINK control cabinet: A forward-looking system control by means of the integration of weather forecast data from a local weather station


The annual time switch HMU provides best light conditions for your commercial property. The twilight sensor measures the current luminous intensity outside and adds respective consumers if needed. Special opening times and variable holidays will also be considered. The coupling of the operating modes of all parts of the plant avoids permanent lighting, ventilation and heating and enables you to optimise your cost balance and climate footprint.

  1. Indoor lighting
  2. Car park lighting
  3. Advertising lighting
  4. ECOLINK control cabinet

Monitoring consumption

Significant, aggregated data over various projects are the prerequisite for an efficient energy management. On the web portal FRIGODATA ONLINE you can overview your refrigeration and building technology from consumption data and temperature profiles to fault messages. You will quickly detect where consumption is too high. FRIGODATA ONLINE has been certified by the German TÜV for a systematic energy management according to DIN EN 50001.

  1. IT-connection to the store manager’s office
  2. ECOLINK control cabinet: data recording for monitoring

System integration

An efficient solution for commercial refrigeration and building technology has been developed within the company group since 1995. This joint platform is optimised and enhanced continuously. Today, we provide comprehensive solutions for system integration of external plant components such as heat pumps, ceiling devices or ready-to-plug-in refrigeration devices (refrigeration and deep-freezing) from renowned manufacturers.

  1. Integration of building technology plant systems
  2. Integration of refrigeration technology plant systems
  3. ECOLINK control cabinet: central access to automation system


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