• Our ambition is  to provide best quality

Our ambition is
to provide best quality

Targeted planning and realisation

Our experienced CAD planners are always technologically up to date and have proven their comprehensive know-how in many projects.
With their profound knowledge in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical, building and supply technology, they are able to realise your individual wishes and requirements when planning your switchboard.

Our approach is to start with an intensive analysis of the specific conditions and circumstances of your plant. Thus, we know what you really need and are able to plan and build your control cabinet accordingly.

After careful planning and selection of all required components, our team will wire and install all parts in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards. Time-consuming production steps are enhanced by automation – with an automatic placement for terminals, for example). After the 3D structure has been built by our CAD planners, this machine picks up all terminals needed for the switchboard from the magazine and positions them on the top-hat rail.

With this and other procedures we reduce production times and gain labour resources for further tasks.
At the same time, the continuous optimization of our processes enables us to enhance the precision and quality of our work.

For us, it is important to provide you with the best quality on the delivery date agreed.
We do our best to meet and exceed your high expectations.